Hi, I'm Raymond Rutjes (Raylixir being my artist name), an indie music producer based in Lyon, France.

Raylixir's Sound

Raylixir's sound is characterized by a unique blend of moody and emotive tones that effortlessly fuse elements of downtempo, trip-hop, and cinematic music. I draw inspiration from legendary acts like AIR, Portishead, Morcheeba, and Bonobo, while also incorporating my own innovative twist.

Most of the tracks I produce feature Rhodes, Wurlitzers, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, and drums. When it comes to vocals, my first choice is always Manon Lardanchet, a talented French singer who has been performing live for over a decade. Manon, also known by her artist name Manon The Moon, happens to be my significant other, which is definitely an unfair advantage in this day and age where EDM instrumental tracks are produced in quantity. This allows us to be reactive on projects, as we record everything ourselves.

Needless to say, we try to put as much soul and live instruments as possible into our work, and stay clear of the hard-tuned vocals and other trends that take us away from the old school downtempo & trip-hop vibes we are going for.

Let's stay connected

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Stay tuned for the upcoming posts on my progress in the music industry. You can read more about how I got into music production in my very first place, which also covers what to expect in terms of content in the future.

Raylixir: a music producer journey
The story of how I got started with music production and the reason of being of this website.